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Since 1994, lobbyists, unions, the media, associations, government entities, and other professionals have relied on us for the most up-to-date and progressive set of lobbying and advocating resources covering Missouri state politics.

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Features & Benefits

With easy to use collaboration tools, detailed bill comparisons, unlimited tracking and notifications, and reports on all committee hearings, GovWatch meets the needs of all government affairs professionals.

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Real People

We are real people, in the capitol every day as the action happens. Our comprehensive database offers the most advanced, real-time information on the Missouri legislative process.

Legislative Analysis

Identify legislation affecting your interests by exploring the full text of every bill, amendment, substitute, and more with highlighted text comparisons. Even if it contains no keywords – the same bills your opposition will try to hide from you.

Breakdown the massive amount of legislative data with our member analyses, voting scorecards, sponsor pairing, and more.

Collaborate and Communicate

Work as a team with anyone, whether they subscribe to GovWatch or not, to monitor bills, committee and chamber support, and sync legislative calendars.
Add unlimited research and notes to all legislation and include them in your shared reports.

Text Comparisons

Highlighted text comparisons for all legislation allows you to view every change to every bill in seconds.

Unlimited Tracking and Alerts

You’re GovWatch Subscription gives you an unlimited number of notifications and track types. Organize them any way you need to – by position, priority, client, subject, contractors, and more.

Media Tracking

Keep everything in context by monitoring the most recent news articles, press releases, hearing reports, and more from the across the state.

Custom Reports and Research

Discover legislation and updates through dozens or parameters and create unlimited, customized reports you can save and share in seconds.
Generate website ready content organized by client, issue, subject, status – there is no limit to the number or variation.

Who We Serve


Track and follow legislation, manage thousands of bills and reports, and save them for future use - they automatically update!

State & Local Governments

Receive notifications of potential changes to governing statutes or impacts to your municipality. Follow budgets and track line items – between gubernatorial, House, and Senate. See line item changes over time.

Law Firms

Easily monitor legislation for clients. Access the quickest source of proposed and actual changes to laws. Conduct historical research on statute changes - Your best bet for determining legislative intent and history. Expand your government affairs reach.


Receive advance notice of hearing. Keep legislative and executive committees informed. Effortlessly keep members informed. Create and share advocacy pages on your site with GovWatch Web Publishing.

Advocacy Groups & Unions

Create legislative scorecards based on your priorities. Discover which legislators are most aligned with your goals.


Stay ahead of the curve by identifying potential legislative threats and opportunities early. Manage the process from wherever you are – whether it’s Jefferson City or Washington D.C.

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